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    We will continue to work with architects and designers who constantly challenge designs and push boundaries of design.

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    This property started as a traditional 1930s bungalow with fantastic views.

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    Opening this room to the patio involved the first curved cantilever doors fitted and manufactured in Scotland by ourselves.

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    The design brief was to create as much additional space as possible by excavating
    20 tonnes of soil underneath the house and adding a new kitchen/dining area, utility and shower room.

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Our custom designed showrooms and bathrooms confirm our attention to detail out of the norm.

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Our attention to detail speaks for itself.

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    It is essential that we work closely with the architect to ensure that the interpretation of the brief is spot on; this is a dynamic target.

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    Ballina Portfolio

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    This magnificent challenging project left the client with a completely unique property.

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